Clive Johnson

Clive Johnson

Clive Johnson  had a lengthy career in management consultancy, Clive now practices as a coach, consultant, and trainer. With Jackie Keddy, he is co-founder of the International Conflict Management Forum ( and The Janus Partnership (, a consultancy and training organization exclusively dedicated to workplace conflict management. He regularly speaks and writes on conflict topics.


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Articles and Video:

Escalated Dispute Resolution (08/13/11)
Whenever an attempt to reach a conclusion to a dispute that could not be solved locally involves informal or formal intervention by a third party, all parties involved should be able to recognize that they’ve entered into a new phase of their disagreement.

The Power of Language and Its Impacts (06/19/11)
Simply uttering a single word (and sometimes by not saying anything at all) or just presenting a certain look can send a strong message, whether or not the sender’s intention has been interpreted correctly.

Communication Styles and Manager Choices (05/02/11)
Managers, as much as anyone else, can choose from a variety of ways for communicating with another individual.