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Denise Tamir

Denise Tamir

Denise Tamir, JD founded The Fair Divorce, a group of caring professionals who guide couples through the confusing divorce process in an atmosphere of mutual respect and dignity.  We specialize in providing divorce mediation and document preparation services to couples who choose to represent themselves so that they can maintain control over their divorce. 


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Articles and Video:

The Gray Divorce (05/25/13)
Though the fact that divorce has become more common and less of a stigma has some impact, that does not explain why the gray divorce rate is climbing while the general divorce rate is going down. Denise Tamir suggests a few contributing factors.    3 Comments

The Shalom Bayit Divorce (10/01/12)
Shalom Bayit, literally "peace in the home," is the Jewish imperative to maintain a respectful and harmonious household. The values of Shalom Bayit may be applied to the manner in which a husband and wife, who for whatever reason have decided their marriage can not be saved, make their way through the divorce process.

Obama and the Middle East - A Mediator's Perspective (06/13/11)
In a sense, Obama holds himself out as a neutral, purporting to facilitate the Middle East peace talks as an outsider. When evaluating Obama's recent conduct using mediation methodology, however, Obama shows that he is anything but neutral.    3 Comments

Fairly Legal: Farfetched Fun (01/31/11)
From the minute I heard about the USA network's new series Fairly Legal, I have been waiting with wide eyed anticipation for its premiere. As I read the series synopsis about Kate Reed, a "recovering attorney who, frustrated with the rigidity of the legal system, quit practicing law to pursue justice from a different angle," I instantly felt a kinship.    12 Comments

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