Noam Ebner

Noam Ebner

Noam Ebner is an assistant professor at the Werner Institute at Creighton University's School of Law, where he chairs the online graduate program in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution.  His writing focuses on Online Dispute Resolution, e-negotiation and negotiation pedagogy. His papers on these topics can be read online here.  His recent book on negotiation teaching, Assessing our Students, Assessing Ourselves (co-edited with James Coben and Christopher Honeyman), is available here.

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Articles and Video:

Video-based mediation – it’s starting to happen. What do we need to know? (04/16/14)
I recently had the pleasure of writing a paper with my student-turned-teacher, Jeff Thompson (an alumnus of our Negotiation and Dispute Resolution program at Creighton and the Wizard Behind the Curtain at ADRHub). Jeff works on non-verbal communication in mediation, and is also in involved in ODR. Putting those together with my own interest in the role of trust in ODR, we mapped out some issues at the juxtaposition of trust, non-verbal communication and online, video-based, mediation. You can read this article, soon to appear in the International Journal of Online Dispute Resolution, here.

ODR in North America (05/18/13)
In the chapter, the authors map out the state of ODR private market services and look at our federal government and its potential roles as a major provider and user of ODR services. The US and Canada have not only spear-headed the offering of ODR services. North American institutions were also the first to set up research institutes in this area of dispute resolution, as well as to incorporate ODR into academic curricula.

eMediation (05/16/13)
This chapter beings with a brief discussion of the developmentof e-mediation within the wider context of ODR growth. Next, a snapshot is provided of the field’s status quo with respect to stakeholders, modes of communication and technology utilized, as well as the prevailing trends. The third section addresses substantive and process issues in e-mediation: mediation process models, stages and issues, practitioner skills, professional issues, ethics and practitioner standards.

ODR and Trust (04/29/13)
Trust is on the rise. Perhaps not in practice, but certainly as an area of interest and research. This is clear to anyone tracking the dispute resolution and conflict management fields, and is particularly noticeable in the field of ODR, in which trust has always received special attention.

Much Fuss About The Forum: Noam Ebner Goes To Cyberweek (Again!) (11/15/10)
Noam participated in a week-long conference with hundreds of other people, from his armchair at home, and wants to share . . .