Tim Kingsbury

Tim Kingsbury

Tim Kingsbury

Tim is CMP’s Head of Investigation and has been with us since 2006. He leads and supervisors our team of investigators and investigation trainers, as well as conducting investigations, neutral assessments and training in these areas. Prior to joining CMP, Tim worked within the Royal Navy, and before retiring his experience included Judge Advocate at Naval Courts Martial; directing the implementation of and recognised expert on Equality and Diversity policy; coordinating a major policy programme bringing cultural and process change and developing guidance for handling bullying and harassment complaints. Tim is also an executive manager and lawyer with extensive personnel and administrative management skills. Tim is fluent in French.

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Articles and Video:

Be Sure To Check the Facts (01/03/14)
A female middle manager complained she had been bullied by her male senior manager, who she had described as aggressive and demanding. One of the allegations related to an occasion when she had gone into his office for a discussion, which had become heated on both sides and, according to her, he had started to shout and swear at her and continued to do so as he followed her out of the room.

How to Manage if a Grievance is Not Upheld (08/13/12)
The grievance process should be confidential and no-one outside the parties and those managing the issue should be aware of it; but these things can be subject of office gossip and, if so, then it is likely the fact that it has not been upheld will also go round the gossip circle!

Is It Time To Stop ‘Bullying’? (07/12/10)
I’ve been thinking for a while that the term ‘bullying’ may be becoming less and less useful. We all know it goes on around us, we all know people who have been damaged by it, and the scale of workplace bullying is worrying. To give just one indication of scale, at a recent conference[1] Gill Dix of ACAS said that the ACAS Helpline receives 74,000 calls annually about bullying and harassment.