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Jim W Hildreth

Jim W Hildreth

Jim W Hildreth is both a private and court appointed mediator, who's specialty is "Real Estate' Disputes.

He has over 35 years of experience and is licensed as a Broker in both California & Louisiana.

He is an also an "Expert Witness" in California Superior Courts.

When not mediating, his hobbies are photography and playing zydeco music.

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Articles and Video:

From Jim Hildreth (10/14/13) is a valuable resource for those who Mediate. The website has always offered those in the ADR field a resource for the exchange of ideas and education. With the 500th edition it speaks volumes about the leadership and commitment to ADR and a useful tool to use in the world of conflict.

Neighbor Tree Dispute (10/19/12)
This article gives a great example of a real mediation between two neighbors. Both neighbors faced a tree dispute with very different motives for wanting the case resolved.

Real Estate Mediation and Arbitration (04/30/12)
Why Litigate when you can Mediate? Today's consumer has other alternatives in a real estate dispute to avoid the cost and stress of litigation. Two of these alternatives are mediation and arbitration.

Five and a Half Years: A Look Back at Growing a Mediation Practice (01/01/12)
Jim Hildreth made the decision five and a half years ago to become a mediator. Today he shares his words of advice for those who are entering the field and wanting to establish their practice.

Tears Flow at Mediation (07/25/11)
I am glad that I played a role as a mediator in being a part of bringing a family together.

A “Red Neck” Dispute Involving Tractors, Amo & Guns (02/28/11)
The following dispute could happen anywhere, as it deals with raw emotions, a long term friendship that went sour and the mediation process.

Alternative Dispute Resolution: Perspectives In Mediation (05/17/10)
Conflict spells “Opportunity” and it is the wise legal counsel that suggest mediation, allowing all options of settlement with a spirit of compromise and open dialog.

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