Søren Braskov

Søren Braskov

Søren Braskov graduated as a MA in Psychology from the University of Aarhus in 1985.

Since then he has had a private practice, and for 10 years he has been employed at the psychiatry in Århus Kommune.


Søren is certified by The Danish Association of Psychologists. Moreover, he was authorized as a mediator by The Danish Conciliation Board in 1995 and acclaimed certified user of JTI in 2004.


His preferences in therapy cover both existentialist therapies as well as the systematic and cognitive methods.


In 2001 Søren established Jysk Center for Konfliktløsning (the Jutland Centre of Conflict Solving) and since 2001 he has also been a vocational psychologist at DJØF (coaching of members) as well as he has been practicing at Psykiatrifondens Erhvervsrådgivning (the Psychiatry Fund’s Career Counselling) since 2002. During the structural reform (2005) he was connected to the HK/SL/DS Management Line.

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Articles and Video:

Self-help Mediation Tool for Couples (09/02/16)
This article presents a self-help tool for people in the marriage or relationship. The tool includes principles for mediation and refers to the use of a mediator if conflicts are too difficult for themselves to solve.

On Guilt, Reconciliation And Forgiveness - A Case Story About Mediation, Dilemmas And Interventions In A Conflict Among Colleagues (09/14/09)
One of the most important conclusions of the article is that the methods of meditation very often prove to be effective when solving conflicts but at the same time, however, the methods don’t guarantee a constructive process or effective solutions on their own. The circumstances and the situation of the mediation may carry contrasts and paradoxes which simply make the mediation impossible and another authority may be necessary to reach a final decision or solution.