Brian Breiter

Brian Breiter Brian Breiter is a civil trial lawyer with 13 years experience in the area of Catastrophic Personal Injury.  He is also an improvisational actor at the ACME Theatre in Hollywood.

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Articles and Video:

“Whose Trial Is It Anyway?” (08/23/09)
Picture a group of 30 trial lawyers in an almost empty room, loudly chanting, “Big Booty, Big Booty, Big Booty!” Now imagine a pair of them trying to have a conversation without using the letter “S.” How about two of them vying for the attention of a third by, at turns, singing, crying, jumping up and down, waving their arms, and even whispering? Why on earth would a group of highly skilled and experienced attorneys engage in such seemingly childish behavior? The answer is simple and surprising: they did it to vault their practices to the next level; to recognize and rethink old habits; to break through barriers they may not have even known they had; and ultimately to achieve more success.