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This Week in Mediation #700

October 17, 2017
Celebrating Our 22nd Year Membership information
Editors NoteThis is the 700th issue of "This Week in Mediation!" Hats off to our four editors over 22 years: John Helie, John Ford, Jim Melamed and Clare Fowler!  Despite many challenges, mediation has vastly grown over recent decades and we at are rather proud of our contributions to this growth. Please continue to enjoy our articles, videos, blogs, news items, job announcements, training calendar and more. Our goal is to offer you and the world all mediation news that is fit to print. Please help to further spread the word by letting others know of their ability to subscribe to This Week in Mediation for FREE at, and also be sure to "follow" daily on Twitter at

In This Issue:
Challenges to Starting an American Middle-Eastern Cross-Border Mediation Center • Traits of a 'Mediator' • What ADR Professionals Can Learn from Litigating Divorce Lawyers • Mediation Strategies: A Lawyer’s Guide To Successful Negotiation • Interview with Nina Meierding • Mediation News • Job Postings • Events Calendar • Blogs
Challenges to Starting an American Middle-Eastern Cross-Border Mediation Center 
by Alia Ismail
Starting a cross-borders mediation center between the US and the Middle East requires interacting with professionals on both continents. Despite appearing differences within both cultures, it seems when programmed patterns are utilized, and no longer serve, professionals shift their behaviors to the total opposite.

What ADR Professionals Can Learn from Litigating Divorce Lawyers 
by Larry Gaughan
Well over 90% of all divorce cases are resolved by agreements, but there are two divergent methods for negotiating those agreements.

Free Community Mediation Webinar: Caseload Manager Advanced Features - October 26
We will review advanced Caseload Manager features including Automated Deadlines, Export and Creating Templates. Webinar: Thursday, October 26th, 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern. This 30 minute webinar will include a live demonstration and time to ask questions.

Mediation Strategies: A Lawyer’s Guide To Successful Negotiation 
by Michael Carbone
Every successful negotiation requires that you have a sound strategy. In this article I will explain the steps that I believe you should follow when developing a mediation strategy.

Interview with Nina Meierding
This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with Nina Meierding filmed as part of's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series. Premium Membership offers the most used mediator directory in the world! Premium Membership also now includes your own personalized membership badge to place on your website!  Full information is at:

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This Week’s Mediation News (read & search News at:

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Caseload Manager is the #1 Mediation & Ombuds Program Case Managment System!
Caseload Manager is the best answer for mediation and ombuds program case management. Full information is at

OMA 31st Annual Conference Nov.3-4 in Portland
You’re invited to participate in the Oregon Mediation Association’s 31st Annual Conference: Conflict Engagement in Today’s America: Roles, Practices, Ethics, and Opportunities. This year’s conference offers a broad scope of relevant, professional-level conflict resolution presentations and workshops as well as the opportunity to meet and engage with practitioners in the field. Early-Bird registration is now open! For more information and to register, go HERE.

Jobs (for Premium Members) Post New Job Listings

  • Part-time Arbitrator - NC
  • Labor Relations Arbitrator or Mediator - MO
  • Ombuds Associate - CA
  • Mediation Coordinator - FL
  • Associate Ombudsman - DC
  • Ombudsman - DC
  • HR Administrator - WA
  • Family Case Manager - OK
  • EEO Specialist - IA
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2017 IDFA Conference in Toronto - Nov. 13-15
The 2017 IDFA Canadian Series Conference is the definitive gathering of CDFA professionals and others who work in the divorce niche. Thought leaders and industry experts will come together for 2.5 days to discuss advanced divorce topics, network with professional peers from across the country, and learn how to build on their practice and provide better service to their clients.
Register: HERE

Affordable Online Mediation Education, CLE & CEU 
Affordable mediation training and continuing education opportunities from are at:

Training & Conference Calendar

  • October 18-20 - St. John's NL CAN - ADRIC 2017: ADR & Access to Justice
  • October 18-21 - Eugene, OR - Restoring Focus on the Child: CADRE’s Seventh National Symposium on Special Education Dispute Resolution
  • October 19-20 - Berkeley, CA - Negotiating Effective Environmental Agreements
  • October 19-21 - Nashville, TN - 3rd Annual Fall Professional Skills Program (Pepperdine & Lipscomb)
  • Ocrtober 19-20 - Malibu, CA - ABA Section for Dispute Resolution 15th Annual Advanced Mediation & Advocacy Skills Institute
  • October 19-23 - Kensington, MD - 40-hour Basic Divorce Mediation Training
  • October 20-28 - Rochester, NY - ACR-Approved Family & Divorce Mediation Training
  • October 20-21 - Los Angeles, CA - 29th Annual Southern California Mediation Association Conference
  • October 21 - Los Angeles, CA - AIM Institute Advanced Track at the SCMA Annual Conference
  • October 21-22 - Sacramento, CA - Collaborative Practice - 2 day Basic Interdisciplinary Training
  • October 23-27 - Chicago, IL - Mediation Skills Training Certificate Program
  • October 23-27 - Colorado Springs, CO - 40-hour Basic Mediation Training
  • October 23-27 - San Rafael, CA - Essentials of Mediation (3 Days) and Divorce Mediation (2 Days)
  • October 23-27 - Baltimore, MD - October 40-Hour Mediation and Conflict Transformation Skills Training
  • October 23-25 - Baltimore, MD - IOA Foundations of Organizational Ombudsman Course (3 days)
  • October 23-25 - Austin, TX - 30-hour Advanced Family Mediation Training
  • October 25-28 - Santa Monica, CA - Mediation Training with Ken Cloke
  • October 25-26 - Toronto, Ontario, CAN - High Conflict in Groups
  • October 25-29 - Springfield, MO - Civil & Family Mediation Training
  • October 26-27 - Corte Madera, CA - Advanced Mediation Training with Steven Rosenberg
  • October 26 - Baltimore, MD - IOA: Helping People Get Unstuck: Mindsets that Generate Responsibility and Possibility
  • October 26-27 - Baltimore, MD - IOA: Mediation Theory and Skills for the Organizational Ombudsman Course (2 days)
  • October 27-November 12 - Plano, TX - Conflict Management Coaching
  • October 29-November 3 - University of Cape Town South Africa - Company-Community Dialogue Facilitation in Complex Environments
  • October 30-November 3 - Macon, GA - Domestic & Family (Divorce) Mediation Training
  • October 30-November 2 - Albany, NY - Conflict Coaching Training
  • October 31-November 2 - New York, NY - 2017 Annual International Conference on Ethnic and Religious Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding
  • November 1-3 - Colorado Springs, CO - Restorative Justice Training - 24 hrs
  • November 1-5 - Muir Beach, CA - 40-hr Basic Mediation Training
  • November 2-7 - Kensington, MD - 40-hour Basic Mediation Training
  • November 2 - Austin, TX - Domestic Violence - Texas Update
  • November 2-3 - Monterrey, CA - Crossing the Cultural Divide in Mediation
  • November 3 - Seaside, CA - Crossing the Cultural Divide in Mediation with Nina Meierding
  • November 3-4 - Portland, OR - Oregon Mediation Association's 31st Annual Conference
  • November 6-7 - Austin, TX - 20 hr. Child Protective Services Mediation Training
  • November 6-10 - Denver, CO - 40 hr. Basic Mediation Training
  • November 6-8 - Newton, MA - Elder Decisions Mediation Training
  • November 8-16 - Medford, OR - Restorative Justice Facilitator Training
  • November 8-9 - Austin, TX - 20 Hour Elder and Adult Care Mediation Training
  • November 8-9 - North Haven, CT - Mediation Skills for Leaders
  • November 8-17 - Framingham MA - Become a Mediator in Massachusetts
  • November 9 - ONLINE Webinar - Expand the Ombuds Profession for Greater Impact: Internal and External Outreach Is Up to Us
  • November 9-18 - Ann Arbor MI - 48 Hour Domestic Mediation Training + Domestic Violence Screening Protocol Training
  • November 13-17 - Los Angeles CA - Mediating Commercial & Litigated Cases with Lee Jay Berman
  • November 13-16 - Richmond VA - Conflict Management Coaching Workshop
  • November 13-17 - Toronto ON Canada - Advanced Workplace Restoration & WFA Certification Training
  • November 15-17 - Colorado Springs CO - Divorce Mediation Training - 24 hrs.
  • November 17-19 - Kensington MD - 20-Hour Marital Property Mediation Workshop: Mediation of Financial Aspects of Family Law
  • November 18-December 9 - San Francisco CA - Ron's Arbitrator Certificate Training at BASF
  • November 18 - Toronto ON Canada - Civil Procedure Workshop
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