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Marketplace > Academic Programs > Univ of Oregon Masters Program

Univ of Oregon Masters Program

Univ of Oregon Masters Program

The Master's Program In Conflict and Dispute Resolution

Welcome to the web site of the Master's Degree program in Conflict and Dispute Resolution at the University of Oregon. Though we are housed in the School of Law, this is not a law degree but a Master's degree granted by the Graduate School. You will find much information here about our two-year, interdisciplinary program as you browse the site. That said, our program is so much more than what we can present digitally. The map is not the territory. If you find yourself attracted to the work we are doing, do give us a call, contact a student, come for a visit.

If ultimately you choose to enter our program, you'll join intense, creative, and committed students bonded in an intimate learning community, students who grow and prosper during their two years here as they explore the profound personal and global subjects of conflict and its resolution, competition and cooperation, war and peace, communication and consciousness, relationship and responsibility. You'll find a passionate faculty engaged in a rich curriculum. You'll participate in symposia, conferences, projects, and internships. You'll link with other disciplines. You'll develop practical skills and broaden your theoretical frameworks.

Our program is structured to provide you with the firm foundation during your first year from which you can then specialize during your second year, whether you want to help deal with the social consequences of climate change or work with other environmental and public policy issues, work in the international arena, in the corporate or non-profit sectors, in the community setting, in peace and reconciliation contexts, with interpersonal and family-based conflicts, within the justice system, or in some other area of the conflict resolution field.

We're located amidst the beauty of central Oregon and the Willamette River Valley, an hour from the coast, an hour from the mountains, an hour to the high desert country, an hour and a half to Portland, and on the road to a more collaborative future.

University of Oregon School of Law
Conflict & Dispute Resolution Program
1515 Agate Street
Eugene, OR 97403
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