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NAFCM - The National Association for Community Mediation

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Details Title Location Salary Range
show details Mediation/Facilitation/Civic Engagement Consultant Washington DC
show details Manager of Mediation Services California $35,000 - $38,000
show details Alternative Dispute Resolution Director Pensacola, Florida $50,000

Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution

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Collaborative Professional
(818) S California
Jami Fosgate FamilyFirst Law - Ctr for Collab Law
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Jim Melamed Pepperdine Univ. Dan Simon Steven Rosenberg
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(818) S California
Real Estate
Barry Ross David I. Karp Wendy Fassberg
Business / Commercial
Barry Ross Wisner Dispute Resolution Services
Civil / Legal
Barry Ross
Probate & Estate
Myer Sankary
Family / Divorce
Wisner Dispute Resolution Services Jami Fosgate FamilyFirst Law - Ctr for Collab Law
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CA listing CA listing

The Master Agreement

Mediation Futures Project