Location, Fee



          I will be happy to provide a facility for the mediation in downtown Los Angeles or to conduct the mediation at another location agreeable to the parties. 
           Provided that there are sufficient rooms to accommodate the parties and to provide privacy and convenience, we can conduct the mediation at a lawyer's office, in a client's facilities, or in a hotel or other public meeting rooms. 
My Fee
          My fee for a day of mediation is $4500 -- normally shared in equal portions among the parties. This fee covers all of my time required to set the mediation (scheduling and pre-mediation telephone conferences with counsel, review of pre-mediation statements, and the like) and eight hours of continuous mediation.  If we do not reach agreement after eight hours and I conclude that an additional hour is likely to permit us to do so, then the ninth hour is free.  If we do not settle your case, I will work with counsel by phone or email without charge in the days following an unsuccessful mediation session, in order to reach an agreement to settle the case.
          When my schedule permits, I am willing to consider conducting a half-day mediation (preparation plus four hours of mediation) for $3000; additional hours of mediation beyond a half-day will incur my hourly rate of $500. 
There are no charges other than these unless air or overnight travel is required.
A check for the full mediation fee is to be received in my office at least ten (10) calendar days before the mediation begins. 

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