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Hello, I'm Bob Ivey.  I am a lawyer and mediator, and I specialize in mediating construction claims and other business disputes. 
I hope this website will answer your questions.  If it does not, be sure to call or email me.

A Personal Note About Mediation

For most of the past forty years, I was a litigation partner in two of our largest national law firms.  I know that litigation is often a business necessity.  However, having mediated many cases -- both as an advocate and as a mediator -- I know also that mediation is the sensible alternative to the seemingly unlimited cost and uncertainty of both litigation and arbitration.    
Many people think of a trial as the end of litigation; it is not.  Instead, trial is often just another step in the settlement process.  Even after exhaustive and expensive discovery and litigation extending over years, many cases are settled after the completion of trial.  Or after post-trial motions.  Or after one or more appeals from the trial court's judgment.  For most business disputes, especially, good business practice means not investing time and money in litigation any longer than absolutely necessary. 
As it happens, in my four decades of law practice, I never lost a case that I took through trial.  I was lucky, and I had sensible clients.  But for many of those cases, a reasonable settlement without trial would have been a better result for my clients -- better even than the satisfaction of winning at trial.
I began serving as a mediator several years ago, and I now mediate full-time.  I enjoy mediating cases, I have gotten good marks from the lawyers with whom I have worked, and I am a believer in this process.  I'd like to help you settle your case.  
The following pages offer more detail about me and my work.

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