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Tammy Lenski

Small Caring Actions to Help Ease the Suffering in Conflict

(3/11/16)Tammy Lenski Conflict and suffering are confederates working in painful alliance, each feeding the other as if to ensure its own continued existence. If I turn away from the suffering in conflict, I deny a part of my clients’ experience.
Richard Chernick

Witnesses in Arbitration – Federal Arbitration Act

(3/11/16)Richard Chernick Testimony and documents may be obtained in arbitration in accordance with the parties’ agreement, the applicable institutional arbitration rules and provisions of law (federal and state arbitration acts, as applicable).

Limits of Conversational Structure - Video

(3/09/16)Jeff Conklin This 4 minute semi-animation by Jeff Conklin illustrates why sequential conversational structure is inadequate for complex issues.
Jim Melamed

Review of MediationMate

(3/07/16)Jim Melamed This is a review of MediationMate (, a new suite of end-to-end productivity tools for divorce mediators.
Judy Tindall

Online Peer Mediation Project

(3/07/16)Judy Tindall There are three changes in the educational and social context that suggest the need for a more technologically sophisticated version of peer mediation.
Joan B. Kelly, Ph.D.

Top Ten Ways To Protect Your Kids From The Fallout Of A High Conflict Break-Up

(3/04/16)Joan B. Kelly, Ph.D. Joan B. Kelly, Ph.D. is a groundbreaking clinical psychologist and researcher who began studying the impact of divorce on children in 1968. Joan is an author, therapist, mediator, and parenting coordinator with four decades of experience working with high conflict parents who are separating.
Richard J. Roberts

Anger Masks More Vulnerable Emotions

(3/04/16)Richard J. Roberts Behavioral scientists have conducted numerous experimental studies on the emotions of anger and fear. However, despite volumes of data, most of them have missed the key element in the relationship between the two emotional states: anger almost always masks fear (or some sort of “weaker,” more vulnerable emotion, such as anxiety, shame, guilt, helplessness, or grief).
Howard Bellman

Interview with Howard Bellman

(3/04/16)Howard Bellman This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with Howard Bellman, a long-time leader in the field of labor-management mediation and mediation in the public sector generally, filmed as part of's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series.

3 Powerful Conflict-Resolution Strategies From an Anti-terrorism Leader

(3/04/16)Bill Carmody, Aldo Civico Every business person eventually runs into conflict. What you do next determines whether you advance forward or fall back.

Creating Stable Agreements in Marine Policy

(3/04/16)Scott McCreary, Meredith Cowart Marine Protected Areas are frequently developed in consultation with the full range of stakeholders. Without proper process design, the agreements are not stable. This article details the challenges encountered in the stakeholder process to design Marine Protected Areas in Southern California.
John Lande

A No-Brainer?

(3/04/16)John Lande One might assume that using a “planned early dispute resolution” (PEDR) system should be a “no-brainer” for businesses that regularly litigate because litigation-as-usual undermines so very many business interests.
Noa Zanolli

When Conflict In The Workplace Escalates To Emotional Abuse

(2/29/16)Noa Zanolli Millions of men and women of all ages, ethnic, and racial backgrounds all across the U.S. hate going to work, gradually fall into despair and often become gravely ill. Some flee from jobs they used to love, others endure the situation unable to figure a way out.
Peter Robinson

Interview with Peter Robinson

(2/29/16)Peter Robinson This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with Peter Robinson, Co-Director of the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University School of Law, filmed as part of's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series.
Stanford School of Business

Stanford How to Negotiate - Video

(2/29/16)Stanford School of Business This is an instructional video produced by the Stanford School of Business. It covers the process of negotiation by Joel Peterson.
Guest Author

How to Be a Great Facilitator

(2/29/16) Have you ever watched a good facilitator? They make it look easy , but its not as easy as you might think. Good facilitators are expert at stimulating discussion, generating ideas and producing outcomes. This video provides a few solid tips starting with preparation. Video by Karen Friedman.
Guest Author

Group Facilitation Workshop Facilitation & Facilitation Training

(2/29/16) Meeting Facilitation & Group Facilitation is an effective video with good facilitation skills & facilitation training. Michael Tipper shares tips for facilitating meetings & workshops.
Guest Author

High Conflict Child Custody: Mediation And Settlement

(2/29/16) In this video I discuss the dynamics and the psychology of settlement. This is one of the first challenges I faced in my child custody dispute and it really blindsided me.
Guest Author

Conflict Management in the Workplace

(2/29/16) Unresolved conflict in the workplace draws significant amount of time and energy away from the task at hand. It can negatively impact employees, customers and friends and family members. This webinar will help you identify and manage conflict as an opportunity to improve and innovate and not stagnate personally and professionally.
Guest Author

Conflict Resolution In The Workplace - Video

(2/29/16) Does your team embrace conflict as a way to "iron out" differences and come to a great solution or do they stick their heads in the sand and hope everything will just go away? Video by the Omnia Group.
John Sturrock

Thinking about the Future and the Need for Action by Mediators - Part 1

(2/26/16)John Sturrock There is danger when speaking in generalities as if one had access to some sort of universal truth. What I say here is a reflection of how I see things. I’ll pose questions and not answer many of them. In a sense, however, that is being true to our mediator calling.
Desislava Kamenova

Mediation in Bulgaria: Beginning and Perspectives

(2/26/16)Desislava Kamenova This article provides a detailed analysis of the development of mediation in Bulgaria, including current practices and future challenges.
Maria Volpe

Conflict Resolvers' Responsibility To Shape the Message of Negotiation

(2/23/16)Maria Volpe Trump tends to define negotiation as one-sided winning. With all of the knowledge and skills amassed over the years, conflict resolvers have a lot to contribute to the discussion about how negotiations work.
Zena Zumeta

Interview with Zena Zumeta

(2/22/16)Zena Zumeta This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with Zena Zumeta, long time mediator, trainer and former President of the Academy of Family Mediators, filmed as part of's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series.'
Michael Toebe

One Critical Missing Service Provider To Make Life Easier

(2/19/16)Michael Toebe I've seen so many stories in the news that mediation could solve before the ugliness escalated to the current levels. This is meant to be a light bulb going off in a dark room for someone who reads the article, to provoke thought and hopefully inspire them to make a phone call to a mediator.
David Steiner

A Rabbi-Mediator's Meditations on The Binding of Isaac

(2/19/16)David Steiner This article is based on a sermon that grapples with the difference between law and morality by examining the purpose of the recitation on Rosh Hashanah of the story of the Binding of Isaac. The author’s objective is to explain why we need a place for mediation beside the justice distributed in the legal system.
Laurieann Ram-Kern

Getting a Divorce - What Are You Going To Do With The Family Home?

(2/19/16)Laurieann Ram-Kern You made the decision to divorce, now read how to navigate best the mountainous task of deciding what to do with the family home.
David A. Hoffman

Interview with David Hoffman

(2/16/16)David A. Hoffman This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with David Hoffman, founder of The Boston Collaborative and former President of the ABA Dispute Resolution Section, filmed as part of's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series.

The Minefield of Fee Disputes – It’s Not Just About Fees

(2/12/16)Malcolm Sher, Jobi Halper Fee disputes pose a minefield for attorneys. Cautiously stepping through disputes may maximize your ability to retain or recover fees, while avoiding a malpractice claim or State Bar complaint.
John Sturrock

In an Interdependent World There is No Them and Us, Only Us

(2/12/16)John Sturrock We have entered a fascinating period in British politics. The old certainties are gone. Recent disruption will inevitably cause instability - and opportunity.
Robert Benjamin

Surviving Trump: Resisting the Corruption of Negotiation Practice

(2/10/16)Robert Benjamin Donald Trump’s words, actions, and writing confuse thoughtful negotiation with bluster and brashness not the least because he describes himself as an expert negotiator. Beyond politics, he threatens to undermine the practice of negotiation, mediation and conflict management that has been cultivated over the last 65 years.
Sue Bronson

Come, Sit, Stay: Mediation Lessons from Dog Training

(2/09/16)Sue Bronson Come, sit, stay are the basics of dog training. I believe they are also central to mediation. This brief article provides dog training tips that are also good ideas for mediators to follow.
Juliana Birkhoff

Interview with Juliana Birkhoff

(2/08/16)Juliana Birkhoff This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with Juliana Birkhoff, national leader in the field of public policy mediation, filmed as part of the 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series.
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