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Donal O’Reardon

What's Wrong with Transformative Mediation?

(8/19/16)Donal O’Reardon “Transformative” mediation has grown in popularity in recent years. It’s a style of mediation that looks to “transform” the relationship between the parties in a conflict.
Tammy Lenski

How to Navigate the “not my problem” Problem

(8/19/16)Tammy Lenski “That’s not my problem” are four of the most frustrating words to hear when you’re trying to talk through a conflict.
Donald T. Saposnek

Interview with Don Saposnek

(8/16/16)Donald T. Saposnek This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with Don Saposnek, a leading family mediator, writer and editor, filmed as part of's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series.
Jeffrey Krivis

The Evolution of Hunters and Gatherers

(8/15/16)Jeffrey Krivis Our evolution has been largely shaped by our environment, which gives us new resources and technology to continue our journey. But make no mistake about it, we are and will always be hunters and gathers.
Shawn Leamon

5 Ways to Decide if Mediation Is a Cost-Effective Solution for Your Divorce

(8/12/16)Shawn Leamon The article provides 5 tips to help people going through divorce determine if mediation is a cost-efficient solution to resolve their divorce.
Bernard Morrow

Power Imbalance: The Challenge of Leveling the Playing Field

(8/12/16)Bernard Morrow As a mediator, I am often faced with imbalances caused by a variety of factors: relationship dynamics between the disputing parties, a lawyer having more experience, expertise or knowledge than opposing counsel, or a party being better prepared or more knowledgeable about the facts of the case than another.
Mervyn Malamed

Conflict Behavior (Not Conflict Personality!)

(8/12/16)Mervyn Malamed Conflict personality, or conflict character, has little to do with effectiveness. Conflict behaviour is what counts, and conflict behaviour can be changed.
John Sturrock

Further Thoughts on Brexit and Caledonian Antisyzygy

(8/05/16)John Sturrock This blog is a further reflection on the implications of Brexit, viewed from a Scottish perspective.
Louise Penberthy

Idiopathic Mutual Irritation

(8/05/16)Louise Penberthy Have you ever found someone to be really irritating, for example a co-worker, boss, or neighbor – but that person says that you’re the problem? Yet both of you get along with everyone else?
Tammy Lenski

5 Uncomplicated Ways to Gain Psychological Distance During Conflict (And Why You Should)

(8/05/16)Tammy Lenski Here are five simple and potent ways to gain psychological distance (and help others do the same) when you’re spinning your wheels in a conflict conversation.
Chip Rose

Interview with Chip Rose

(8/03/16)Chip Rose This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with Chip Rose, a national leader in the fields of divorce mediation and collaborative practice, filmed as part of's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series.
Kristen Blankley

How to Make Mediation Safer in Cases of High Conflict

(8/02/16)Kristen Blankley This article considers issues of safety in mediation, with practical advice for all mediators to consider before, during, and after a mediation session to ensure participant and mediator safety.
Stephen Fritsch

For Senior Caregivers, Mediation Is Often a Must

(7/29/16)Stephen Fritsch When it comes time to decide on care for an elderly parent, mediation can help family members make tough financial and life care decisions.
Greg Rooney

Brexit and the Nash Trap

(7/29/16)Greg Rooney The decision to leave the EU has drawn the UK into the Nash Trap.
Nina Meierding

Culture & Gender Issues in Negotiation & Mediation (video)

(7/27/16)Nina Meierding This is a video sample from Nina Meierding's seven-hour online course on Culture & Gender Issues in Negotiation & Mediation.
Peter Adler

A User's Guide to Joint Fact Finding — "JFF"

(7/27/16)Peter Adler Joint Fact Finding (JFF) is a public engagement strategy that creates a needed safe harbor for technical and scientific discussions between all sides.
Robert Benjamin

Game Playing in Negotiation: Part 2, An Inventory of Strategies and Devices

(7/27/16)Robert Benjamin The organizational approach to this inventory of game playing strategies and devices is based on the working assumptions that gaming behavior is an integral part of all negotiative processes, regardless of context.
John Paul Lederach

Convincing Violent Groups to be Non-Violent - Video

(7/22/16)John Paul Lederach John Paul Lederach describes discussing alternatives to violent conflict with groups who felt powerless and that violence was their only avenue of action. One method he uses is to ask them what violence has achieved historically.
Omar Karam

CDRC Vienna: How to Negotiate Your Way to the Top

(7/22/16)Omar Karam These articles are a series of summaries from the CDRC Vienna 2016. This article focuses on negotiation tips for competitors, tips that would prove useful in any negotiation.

CDRC Vienna: Consensual Dispute Resolution

(7/22/16)Stephanie Rohmann, Nataliya Barysheva These articles are a series of summaries from the CDRC Vienna 2016. This article focuses on an Austrian and a French mediator sharing their views on negotiation.
Ivo Bari

CDRC Vienna: How Negotiation Competitions Benefit Students

(7/22/16)Ivo Bari These articles are a series of summaries from the CDRC Vienna 2016. This one is a message from a Brazilian CDRC Pioneer to the next year, "Student Competitions like CDRC can change your life, if you know how to be prepared for it!"
John Paul Lederach

How Does Humanity Unite?

(7/22/16)John Paul Lederach A blog series from Dr. John Paul Lederach, Humanity United Senior Fellow, exploring the challenges of social fragmentation and conflict with a focus on reconciliation, social healing, and human flourishing.
Eric Slepak

Tough Love

(7/22/16)Eric Slepak A recent study out of Columbia University suggests that nice mediators finish last.
Maria Eugenia Sole

BREXIT: A View from the Philosophy of Liquid Modernity and Ethics of Alterity

(7/21/16)Maria Eugenia Sole Let's make an attempt to understand the recent events related to the output of the United Kingdom of the European Union from the perspective of contemporary sociology, but not before making a brief review of the paradigm shifts in the social field over the past centuries. En Espanol
Jim Melamed

Effective Conversations in American Society: Time for a National Mediation Act

(7/20/16)Jim Melamed Please join in recognizing the importance of effective conversations and mediation by supporting a National Mediation Act. This is the shift in social consciousness, American exceptionalism and American leadership that we and the world now most need.
Teresa Wakeen

Interview with Terry Wakeen

(7/19/16)Teresa Wakeen This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with well-known Seattle Mediator Terry Wakeen filmed as part of's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Series.
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