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Community Mediators and the Internet

How are Community Mediators using the Internet?

Thanks for visiting the Mediate.com poll on community mediation and the internet. You will find a series of questions, the first handful concern basic patterns of internet usage while the later questions provide an opportunity for you to suggest ways to improve online resources.
Survey Questions:

1. On average, how many times per week are you online?

1-5 times
5-10 times
10-15 times
15-20 times
20+ times
--- ---

2. On average, how much time per week do you spend online?

1 hour
1-5 hours
5-10 hours
10-20 hours
20+ hours
--- ---

3. What is the primary function which brings you online?

Personal Email
Professional Interest
Job related
--- ---

4. What percentage of your online time is spent on issues related to community mediation?

Less than 25%
25% - 50%
50% - 75%
more than 75%
--- ---

5. What's been the most enjoyable aspect of being online?

6. What has been the most productive?

7. What has been the most frustrating?

8. Do you subscribe to mediation mailing lists? If so, please list them and how they are useful.

9. What mediation web sites do you visit? Why?

10. Please suggest any changes that would improve the Community Mediation Section of Mediate.com.

11. In which State or Country do you work or volunteer?

12. How long have you been involved in mediation?

Less than 1 Year
1-3 years
3 - 5 years
5+ Years
--- ---

13. Do you or your center conduct any case management or other case-related correspondence (with mediators or referral sources, for example) electronically?

--- ---

14. Does the mediation center at which you work or volunteer have internet access from the office?

Don't know.
--- ---

15. Does the mediation center with which you're affiliated have a website?

  Yes: http://
  Don't Know
--- ---

16. What technology tools or services would benefit your center the most?

17. Please select a role which best describes your primary involvement with a Community Mediation Center. (CMC)

  Volunteer Mediator
  CMC Staff
  CMC Board member
  Referral Agency or Funder of CMC
  Please specify other role.
--- ---

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