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Counseling Center



Location & Contact

Olive Street, Suite 307
Eugene, OR 97401
(The Heron Building in Downtown Eugene)

Phone: (541) 344-7303
FAX: (541) 686-6283

Direction Service Counseling Center

Our Counseling Center provides the full range of mental health services to very young children, children and adolescents, families, adults, and elders. These services include: comprehensive assessment, treatment planning, individual and family therapy, skill building, group therapy and consultation. The Counseling Center provides service to clients experiencing mood and anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and childhood impulse and behavioral disorders. Personnel are particularly adept at providing services to clients and families who experience developmental disabilities in combination with mental and emotional disorders. 

Group Sessions


The Mindfulness Group is a one-hour, six-week group.  It offers participants the opportunity to learn and practice mindfulness skills, deep relaxation, and basic meditation.  Mindfulness assists people in responding to life rather than reacting.  It allows us to be in the moment so we become aware of how our thoughts, emotions and body impact our mood; providing us with deeper understanding and insight into ourselves and others which leads us to compassion for ourselves and others.

Contact: Melissa Lind, LCSW, (541) 344-7303, mlind@directionservice.org