Comments: Secrets for Settlement - How to Succeed in Mediation

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LRD , Los Angeles     05/29/13
You, like me – appreciate clarity when it comes to objectives. 4-Years of delay; gosh, what’s that gotta be worth? Just out of curiosity, what’s your BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement)? What’s your back-up plan? Your attorney may be offering some sage advice, there. I know some great mediators, and they know a lot more than how to divide by 2. Posting your comment here, it’s clear that you are already on the right track. Maybe, mediation is one of those “Don’t knock it, till you’ve tried it” things?

John , Las Vegas NV   05/28/13
theft of entire household goods and personal property by bank
My attorney reommends Mediation. I am concerned that it is just another case of splitting the baby in half. I demand to be reimbursed, in full, for my losses, my damages and for the nearly 4 years of delay. Out of pocket losses are +/-$200,000.00 plus damages and attorney fees. I will not end up out of pocket. How do I accomplish this?