Comments: Reframing the Seven Deadly Sins

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Andrzej , Warsaw   11/12/13
Seriously?! This must be a joke! When someone is making an accusation of committing one of those sins, you can't "re-frame" his statement by searching good in a behavior called by him bad. You don't mediate between him and his conscience. You are mediator so don't try to correct his opinions and don't pretend you can fix his erroneous judgments. You don't want to be called by him devil's advocate...!

Keith , Tamarac FL   03/20/13
Really enjoyed the reframing of an old perspective. In this day and age we take ourselves too seriously :-).

Sandee , Boston MA   03/18/13
What a wonderful, positive way to look at some old negatives. I kept and filed under "life management."