Comments: "I'm Sorry You Feel Like That . . ."

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Pamela , Bozeman MT   12/31/12
Excellent insight into "false" apologies, or those that sound false. Next article - what is a "real" apology with examples! :) Thank you Michael.

Lester  , Baltimore Md   12/31/12
Good article
Thank you for sharing your insights and sensitivity on this difficult subject to handle. I am a Christian and a mediator. And, so often in life and in dealing with conflict, I find that people do not like to admit their humanity or role in conflict or hurting others. If we would humble ourselves and be willing to forgive others as we seek forgiveness for our wrongs, I think that so many more conflicts would be resolved that end up going unresolved. Life is too short to stay in conflict, when our humility provides us a way out.