Comments: Reducing Citizen and Child Mass Shootings in the United States Using the Best Knowledge, Experience, and Practices From Conflict Resolution

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Jack , Gilbert AZ   12/30/12
Hopefully there will be enough presence of mind to consider what's next after gun banning works. For example recipes for the fabrication of Improvised Explosive Devices and Suicide Vests can be easily found on the internet. Presuming, of course, that the objective is to reduce violence rather than just reducing guns.

Deri  , Sarasota FL   12/30/12
reL forgot one other idea
Received a grant from the Florida Academy for Professional Mediators to implement a study circle on healing racism at a local high school after a shooting took place at a local movie theatre. A report and studies were done to show the decreased violence on the campus at Sarasota High School as reported by their Vice Principal, Dr. Cale.

Deri  Ronis, Sarasota FL     12/30/12
regarding your article above
I just wanted to share that I wrote a letter to Pres. Obama, Vice Pres. Biden, the Director of the U.S. Dept. of Education recommending that conflict resolution curriculum and peer mediation programs be implemented via a mandate in all schools K-12 throughout the U.S. Parents, teachers, and administrators would also be involved in the conflict resolution curriculum. If we hope to change a culture of violence to one of peace, we have to start somewhere. One of the schools I was involved with in Delray Beach, FL., Toussaint L'Ouverture High School for Arts and Social Justice was the only High School in Palm Beach County to receive the Peaceful Schools International Award from Nova Scotia, Canada. We had a fully operational peer mediation program and this same program was done as a pilot at two other area schools via a grant from the U.S. Dept. of Education -- time to mobilize into action and do the research after the programs have been implemented. Also, mental health evaluation for all gun owners.