Comments: The Hollywood Approach

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Chris , Wollongong     11/11/12
Hollywood and mediation
My most profound experience as a mediator was a case in which during the course of "mediation by consultation" one of the clients called me. He said "You did say I am in control and if I wanted to I could cancel the mediation?" Yes, I replied, that's one of the great characteristics of mediation. No one is imposing anything on you, even to continue participating in the mediation. Then he said: "Good because I am going to top myself this afternoon." I persuaded him to come to my home with his wife with the "clock" switched off, to discuss his problems. At the end of the discussion he agreed that I could travel the next morning to see the other party in another Australian state. The dispute was quickly settled and his life was restored. That was such a profound experience for me that it reminded me of why I am a mediator. A little of Hollywood? Yes, I suppose it was. Best wishes