Comments: Mediator Burnout

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Susan M. Sulc, Rohnert Park CA   08/14/12
As a newly certified, starry eyed mediator who is eager to dive into the fray and work with people to find peaceful solutions rather than conflict in their relationships, your experience of burnout seems a remote possibility for me. But I can appreciate your experience of conflict fatigue. It can be so disheartening to watch people continue to suffer when the solution seems so simple....just stop fighting. Your observation of using an artistic approach to assessing the outcome and establishing value in conflict resolution as a creative act merits more consideration. Conflict is a destructive act, peace is a creative process. I also think that if we don't get too attached to anticipating some kind of positive outcome that will validate our engagement, it will be less of a drain on our energy. I agree with Pamela, continue to shine a light and bring whatever peace you can to the world. You're right...Peacemaking is a calling. And it is a dream that can be elusive if we get too tired or forgetful of our original inspiration to pursue this path. Looks like I have a lot to learn.

Pamela Poon, Bozeman MT     08/14/12
Mediator burnout
Points beautifully made, Michael. But tiredness is relative - I have recently returned from 2 1/2 years living in Asia, and I am even more tired of death and suffering, both there and here in the US. If all we do is shine a little light into the darkness of despair, it makes a difference. It seems an oxymoron but we may need to fight for the opportunity to make peace. The alternative is to allow conflict to drive the human race into a descending spiral of extinction, and I for one am not ready for that.