Comments: Mediation and Game Theory

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Kent Lawrence, Chicago IL   06/27/12
Nice summary of Game Theory; not so much on the subject. As to the latter, there is very much of a logical jump. Often a "participant" DOES desire that the other be punished; "it's a matter of principal". It may be the mediator's job - to obtain a settlement and "closure" – to “handle” that, i.e. point out to a participant that they may be cutting off their nose despite their face; is it REALLY worth it? To blithely assume this is not one of the items “desired” would be a mistake in a surprisingly large number of disputes – even commercial ones.

Becky , Scottsdale AZ   06/27/12
Excellent blog.

ken , Santa Monica ca   06/27/12
Excellent article on a very important topic Fredrike, congratulations! ken