Comments: Threat to Mediation Confidentiality in California - Your Help Needed!

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Stephen Hochman, New York NY     03/27/12
This proposed amendment is consistent with the exception in the Uniform Mediation Act section 7405(6) and should be supported. Why should an attorney be immunized from the consequences of wrongful conduct merely because it is committed in a mrdiatio?

Andrea , San Francisco Ca   03/21/12
When is it expected to come up for vote? Is there any indication about whether it is likely to pass?

Elizabeth Bader, San Francisco CA     03/15/12
Mediaton Confidentiality
HI Ron, Thanks for this article...I thought I'd mention that however one feels about the merits or demerits of the proposed statute, it really is extremely ambiguous and may very well end up covering more than I think was intended... So that is whole other problem... Elizabeth