Comments: Divorce Humor

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John , Houston TX   07/05/11
Peter, I loved the quotes and they made me laugh. I hope you continue to post funny stuff as what we do is too serious for us to be solemn! John

Kathleen Hammock, Highland IL     06/18/11
Divorce is never humorous
I'm sorry to read this article on and it made me consider taking down the link to the divorce articles on my website after a friend who looked at it called me and chastised me for choosing to post this article. I hadn't read the article until that call. But now that I have, I'm concerned. My clients who are divorcing are always in so much pain. We all make misstatements sometimes, but honestly, this article made me feel like it was mocking divorcing people. I am sure that was not the intent but I'd really hate to have a client be offended by it.

Diana , Los Angeles F     05/12/11
Sometimes I make my own jokes
Sure, clients have said some awesomely quotable things. Humor in the session can break the tension. When I say something I know people don't want to hear, I preface it by saying, "Now this is the part where the mediator gets fired," because it seems like everytime I tell someone who can't make ends meet that they need to consider getting a job and what are their plans for that...I get fired! Simply for being Captain Obvious. LOL

Les Wallerstein, Lexington MA   05/11/11
Thanks to Pete for sharing these humorous tidbits. Airing the honest and incisive remarks of mediation clients is by no means disrespectful to them... Their comments reveal the common humanity in us all.

Michael  , Montreal QC   05/10/11
Thanks for sharing this look at humanity at one of our most vulnerable and moving moments. As mediators know, these comments often drip with the underlying fears, worries, and threats that grip each dispute. I know publishing these comments is not meant to disparage or belittle the disputants. What I learned is what Kurt Vonnegut said about human expression--sometimes it can be like looking at a beautiful woman who has one blue eye and one green eye. Humanity is a beautiful thing.

Susan Yates, Chicago IL   05/10/11
Call me a buzz kill, but I would hope that we could find a different source of humor than laughing at our clients. Having mediated for more than 25 years and having gone through mediation for my own divorce, I would hope that my mediator, having seen me at my worst, would have compassion for me and others in this position. Conflict does not show the best in human kind and conflict around divorce is no exception. How about humorous malapropisms we have heard come out of our own mouths as mediators?

Jim Melamed, Eugene OR   05/09/11
Little Distance Between Love and Hate
Important to remember that these same people once courted and fell in love. "There is little distance between love and hate."