Comments: Transparent Mediation: Giving Away Our Strategies

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Gillian , Denman Island BC   04/28/11
Great approach!
I want to thank you Alan for opening up the training box. I like the idea of revealing more about behind the scenes of a professional practice and the art of mediation during training programs. I appreciate you sharing your ways and I look forward to hearing more from your experiences. All the best! Gillian

Rodger , Grand Haven MI     04/20/11
As a volunteer Mediator who uses a process called Badger,prescribed by a Mediation Center,I agree with the technique, I may use the techniques of TM but don't have time to explain (or not that confident in my explanation),however when using or exiting to a Caucus,I find I do use TM.

Charlie , Glasgow     04/06/11
Great idea
I couldn't agree more! As Ken Cloke says: ‘Mediation is a life skill and a social art in which everyone ought to be trained’ I sense, with you, that mediators are a little coy about the idea of sharing their techniques, but in a market like Scotland where there is a very high resistance to mediation this is probably the best way of having an impact on society. I like your introduction and will attempt to emulate it. My only disagreement is that mediators may sometimes omit transparency because we are too busy dealing with what's in front of us.