Comments: The Power Of An Apology

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Gift onyi , 65.000000   02/18/11
I have been all along, a die-hard when it has to do with appology, but knowing that appologizing makes one a better person, am changing for best. Thanks for the impartation.

Pat    02/15/11
Sometimes apologies are overrated
I've seen a lot of ink spent over the years on the power of apology, but I've become a dubious as to its value. I have often seen people use apologies as a cop-out---they're trying to get off the hook, to get out of trouble, to avoid the consequences of their behavior, or to cut short a mediation. On the other side, I've had people strenuously demand an apology, but when the apology actually comes, they are unsatisfied---they feel it's too quick; they think it must be insincere, or too glib. The worst situation is when a supervisor or parent forces someone to apologize. That makes for an apology that's humiliating to the apologizer and useless for the apologee. I've found that most of the time, what people really want when they ask for an "apology", is for the other person to acknowledge the pain he's caused, to recognize and articulate the impact of his behavior on the other person. That's when it's most likely that true healing will begin.