Comments: The Uniform Mediation Act: A Trojan Horse?

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Albert Couch, Akron OH     03/27/02
Certified Mediators
At its heart, mediation remains peacemaking. I'd be honored to be the first person charged with the unauthorized making of peace. If anything gets licensed it had best be mediation's specialties: Family/Divorce, Labor/Employment, Community/Neighborhood, etc.

Jerry , Waitsburg WA     10/03/01
UMA: Losing Control
While we may never have a uniformly accepted definition of mediation, those of us who subscribe to facilitating direct dialogue between disputing parties with true interest satisfaction our primary goal, can continue making a difference. Once the legal profession takes control, and they will-through the UMA- the days of non-attorney mediators practicing pure mediation as a career will be numbered. As we know, there is a huge difference between mediation and arbitration, and, as such, I can understand the legal profession's control of the latter form of ADR. While we need some uniformity within the mediation field, and I emphasize that, we must be wary of the new challenge the UMA will pose. Frankly, I fear the power of the ABA and its influence on the use of mediation and that it will be perpetuated further through the UMA-- unless, somehow through education, lawyers can learn to separate the practice of non-adversarial mediation and the traditional practice of law.

Cookie  Sutkowski, Chesterton IN  gradyst     09/12/01
Thanks for not mentioning health care as a "systemic orientation" of the discipline. It leaves an open field. Health care is likely one of the few areas that are still negotiated at the ground level. As a frequent attendee of remedial communication in my current system, I was treated to a health care conflict resolution video produced by Lisa Bingham. There is still hope for us. Perhaps this is a time to return to our roots, at least in patient care and plans of care. For those who survive the miasma of the World Trade Center disasiter, well, the outcome will likely mirror the outcome of mediation in a mechanized format. Thanks for coming alive again after a hiatus. Be well.