Comments: The Training of Conflict Resolution Skills in the Workplace

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Al , Milton Fl   08/29/01
Don't Get Lost in Technicalities
As we in the ADR field continue to developo concepts and therories we should never forget the simple down-to-earth approaches to dealing with the difficulties people have. Let's get back to basics of human relations and get away from all the garbage of "the inner self" and "solving" the conflict by the means of applying all the pshchological approaches to getting to the bottom of a proglem. Let's get down to the "how are you" approach and deal with the individual without discussing the great theories of the Bush and Folger's. How do you feel? Tell me what you think of the situation? What would you like to see in this mediation? What brought you here today? Can I help you explore the problem or situation you are here to discuss? Keep it simple stupid. Go now do your job mediator!