Comments: Grief, Anger, And Fear In Mediation

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Ratul Goswami ,M.Com.,LL.B ,Advocate, Guwahati In     09/18/10
Result oriented mediation
The article has given the right direction for a successful mediation. Yes,one lawyer/Mediator should know the negative aspects of the matter discussed in this article.I think to achieve the best result it is sine qua non for all mediation process. Thankyou.

Joe , Greenwood Village CO     09/14/10
This is a thoughtful and helpful comment. It is important that mediators have a toolbox of positive responses to expressed anger and not be fearful of its expression.

Linda Gryczan, Helena MT   09/14/10
Anger in Mediation
And the mediator's dilemma with anger is to acknowledge it without allowing it to become disruptive. At what point do we try to slow it down? Most often, I let everyone vent, then thank them for not throwing chairs. Everyone sits back for a laugh, then someone will break the silence that follows with, "You know, I would be willing to..." Linda Gryczan Mediation Works