Comments: Emerging Cultural Norms For Electronic Communication

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Ryan , Oak Creek CO   04/20/12
Technology is getting dangerous already. People are constantly on their computers and smart phones and ipods, sometimes just to be entertained for a short period of time. Before we know it, there will be a device that is able to talk to us and have feelings. I'm talking about a machine with feelings. Advanced technology will be just another norm that passes through history, but this one could get very dangerous if humans allow machines too much access or knowledge about anything at all. I know that machines will never rule the world, or destroy the human race. But I do think that if humans let machines and electronic devices run their lives, like many people already do, then the cultural norm of talking and communicating face to face will slowly sink and eventually be unheardof.

Carol , Eugene OR   03/12/03
Email gone bad
There is also a dark side to email. It can break your concentration, leading to inefficiency. It can get you into trouble if you make a criticism where it wouldn't be a problem face to face.

John Helie, Berkeley CA     11/01/01
Please share one of your email bloopers. Change the names to protect the guilty. :-) I went on at length about a Staff persons performance, only to find later that I had missed their address on the CC line. Not the most graceful way to do a performance review. Not very good performance on my part either.