Comments: Prison Inmates to Receive Prestigious Peacemaker Award

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Gene Moscovitch, Los Angeles CA     09/07/10
Very impressive. I greatly admire the dedication and personal sacrifices of each of you in transforming this "good idea" into an actual reality for those who stand to gain so much from learning these skills.

Judy , Glen Allen VA   07/19/10
I am impressed that training was held to assist these women in learning restorative justice principles and not leaving it up to those from the outside who might come in and try to run the program. I run an RJ program in a prison for women in Virginia and they are very capable. The benefit to these women is immeasurable!

Althea , Stockton CA   07/19/10
I think that this was a great article, I work in the field of Conflict Resolution and I am firm believer that in every part of society (prison has thier own society and rules) there needs to be some form of alternative to the flooding of the courts. I am not saying that there is no need for court, I am saying some things CAN be settled by sitting down and actually hearing what the other person is really saying. Mediation is just that. Facts, Feelings and Forgiveness!

Tom  Melancon, Seattle WA     07/14/10
Prison inmates Peacemaker Award Article
I found this article to be very inpiring. I have often believed that the prison population in America is one of our most disenfranchised groups. I run a shared neutrals program in Seattle, WA and I'm not sure it would be possible for my group to serve this population, but I am open to it.