Comments: Usurpation Of Freewill In The Age Of Discretion

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Mary Ryan, Springfield VA   07/20/10
Hi Luis: I enjoyed your article. What an important message for this day and age. I am sure the Traditionalist Generation appreciates your appeal on their behalf when you say: "The challenge is to observe and then respect the realization of the person of age‘s freewill, not deciding for her/him." It makes life easier and happier for all in those situations. Best Wishes, Mary

David Bogan     07/18/10
Hello Luis, thank you for the timely reminder and thoughtful comments. With a 95 year old mother in law having just gone into a Rest Home, what you are saying is clearly evident. Even she says "it's like childhood revisited," and resolving conflict in this environment is indeed challenging and begs the question of whether old age brings wisdom or petulance?

Merri Hanson, Williamsburg VA   07/06/10
Age and learning....
Luis, Great to read your words once again! Your final line is particularly insightful: "the age in which by remaining silent listening was taught, by listening talking was taught, and by talking remaining silent was taught." Very best wishes to you, Merri