Comments: Featured Blogger Interview: Tammy Lenski

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Ben , Victoria BC     05/27/10
It could be fun
Agreed Tammy. It could be fun. It would have to be fun! as trying to come up with terminology that maps the 98%, who themselves do things so differently, could be a bit chaotic - conversation-wise.

Tammy , Windham   05/26/10
New term for "mediation"?
Ben, wouldn't it be fun to find a way to gather a lot of smart minds on this question of terminology and find some new language to differentiate what we all do?

Ben , Victoria BC     05/26/10
A new term for the 98% of mediators
Hi Tammy. I like how you've shared a bit of who you are and where you're headed. One point of your interview really got my attention... your thought re: future of mediation, and a new term (needed) for the 98% of mediators who are not into legal usurption of the term 'mediation'. This sounds like a contest in the waiting, the branding of a new field of work. Exciting.