Comments: Reflections From The Alberta Arbitration And Mediation Society

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Danny , Calgary AB     10/30/13
I had not had the chance to be among the audience of your presentation. I can only imagine how you rationalized the unexpected feedback with the unguarded trap in the category of cultural differences. I beg to offer an alternative explanation.Simply, we all see the same world or experience in a slightly different way. Sometimes, it's easily identifiable but many times it's a myth as we cannot access everyone's wiring of neural responses. Psychology 101 - the world is viewed behind a filter, individually "chosen" due to its upbringing and the unique path of experiences.My clients are mostly belong to "high conflict" category as far as the Alberta court is concerned. Their case files are usually 3-9 inches thick, court attendance over a period of 1.5 years, and legal expenses beyond $80k. Their stories have a common element - they did not hold high regard towards their legal counsel not to mention about "despise". One example: a divorce lawyer verbally explained how a "crossed out" clause in a court order: This clause is mistakenly crossed out, see the abbreviated signature at both ends, that means they (the court) put it (the clause) back. I also came across typical stalling tactics of using mediation services by some clients "supervised by" their counsel.Again, I do not take these observations to represent 100% of my local community nor extending to the cultural level. Likewise, Jay Leno made fun of the folks he personally interviewed on the street, asking them simple one-line question such as Is Canada a State in the US, and where is it? The fact that many got it wrong or stated that it is a state does not mean it is. If you happen to ask an audience who do not have of the experience of traveling outside the country or even their home town, you can't expect them to be discuss intelligently about the in's and out's of a first-class international airport. I totally agree with your work to equip ourselves with a more decent and sophisticated level of technques in our profession.