Comments: Health Insurance Reform: Giving The Devil His Due the Importance of Back Room Deals, Dirty Politics and Subversive Negotiation

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Dr. Vasudeva  , Hyderabad CA   03/30/10
Basic Health to Masses
It is heartening to see that at last some assurance and confidence has been created regarding health care to the masses of the great nation. It is a land where the medical care is the killer from financial point of view rather than a saviour fro medicare point of view. We in our country have similar programs where in government will step in and foot the bill of the bellow poverty line people after their treatment in a good hospital which is recognized for such treatment and not only that there is the facility of the ambulance going to the place if the patient needs help but can't be moved inan ordinary manner. Despite and inspite of political ramifications and other relevant arguments, this will augur well for the welfare of people of USA.