Comments: Could Transformative Models Of Mediation And Restorative Justice Have Made A Difference?

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Steven , Melbourne VC     04/08/10
I see both sides blaming the other. People on the left saying that we should pay more taxes, to fund these valuable programs that we actually save money. On the other side, blaming the mentally ill, and suggesting the only answer is locking them up. I would suggest, look at the consequences of your actions, including the long term consequences, and don't be satisfied with mediocre results. Well meaning government programs cause tremendous harm. As for locking people up; consider that the simple solution, using force, locking people up, killing them, always ends up being complicated, and expensive in the long run.

Tom  Melancon, Seattle WA     03/25/10
Other options for Young Adults
I agree with the article. I spent over a decade involved in a Federally funded Private/Public partnership called Job Corps. Studies showed that for every $1 spent on the program, $2 was returned. The formula was simple, take a young person, provide education, vocational training, counseling, substance abuse treatment, social skills development and a group of caring adults and move him/her from welfare recipient to employed taxpayer. Why can't a program be developed for youth offenders that replicates Job Corps proven model?

Judy , Bainbridge Island WA   03/25/10
Thank you for your perspective, so badly needed. The only power comes from understanding the needs of deeply alienated people, and putting energy into restoring balance within and relationship with others. We must keep working and keep visioning a world of transformation and restoration.

Red  , Omaha Ne   03/25/10
NO, only a bullet could cure the young man.