Comments: California's Mediation Code

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Concerned  , Tracy Ca   07/13/14
Misconduct of a mediator, failure to disclose conflict of interest,(Family personal relationships -friendships), personal bias, and exparte communications through a third party with the adverse party....
Hi, I have a family law case going and im pro per. It is through court ordered mediation where the court ordered and assigned a mediator to our case. Recently, I identified that the mediation person held a personal bias disdain towards me from prior meditations in an alternate case. She also failed to disclose that her husbands step kids from prior marriage were friends with my ex, and all three including her husband went for a meeting with my ex and son and no one disclosed it. This was shortly after a private judicial interview with my son and a commissioner spent 40 min. in with my 6 year old. Then within two weeks, my child and his dad go to a private non-disclosed meeting with the mediators hubby, and step son from prior marriage, his wife and their kid. The step son and his wife, i just learned have been friends for many years, and I have two witnesses that he actually was working in a place she had a birthday party over 13 years ago, i don't know if that was when they became friends but i do know that they have been friends ever since. I have never won a single request for order in my case, i have lost every bit of visitation with my son for over 18 months before, and that was with ZERO contact with him and i. I have felt my child was being abused and now am not allowed to talk about it because this bias mediation person who didn't like me from before and failed to recluse. look, i know you cannot give me legal advice, but i need help here or i cant even say.... just look, please give me some pointers, some case citations, or something please! I mean jeeze, he gets all the help in the world and full support of the court who is working with him and this misconduct of mediator and even has a lawyer, meanwhile, i am pro per and getting creamed by the court whos in on it, the mediator who never liked me any way, and both the court and mediator are working with him!!!!! And they wonder why people go postal!!! Talk about abuse! JEEZE!