Comments: Mediation And Climate Change

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Greg Stone, westlake village CA   12/12/09
Mediate First
Now that the problems with unethical behavior by scientists have arisen -- which tend to confirm suspicions of unethical insider dealing -- it is time to turn to mediation BEFORE any new legislation, domestic or international, is considered. When the legislative process has become suspect, when a lack of transparency threatens the validity of any outcome, then mediation is needed to clear the air and re-establish transparency within a process that creates trust and restores a sense of self-determinism.

Richard  Morley Barron, Flushing MI   12/09/09
The dilemma of the common(s) atmosphere
Amen. Argument in an overloaded lifeboat in rough seas about who should start bailing first may be traditional but, unfortunately, can be fatal. Required GHG regulations, increased fees and taxes, and inconvenient lifestyle changes are unlikely to be effectuated unless those effected are given an opportunity for input and a forum in which to be confronted with the compelling scientific data and resulting projections of climate change. Mediation furnishes a template for such a planetary conversation. Mediators Without Borders is performing a vital service in this regard for our species.

Sabine Koenig   12/07/09
Thank you - excellent
John really got to the point: the old patterns will not work sufficiently on this global challenge.