Comments: Turning Parents Into People

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Michelle , Readington NJ     01/30/10
Your article was extremely refreshing to me and perhaps bold for your profession. I approach this not as a mediator but one approaching divorce mediation with my husband. The concerns, anxieties and goals of what we are trying to achieve get bolloxed up quickly specifically WHEN we think of the children. Of course the children are paramount...but not to the extent where guilt plays its ugly hand and detracts the dialogue and its outcome from what is best for all to what is best for some. What is best for all is what will be best for the children. I truly believe that...and hope your profession can. Thank you for sensitivity.

Only Parents, USA US   12/03/09
This is a well written quality content artcle that show the importance of our Children. After all if we do not stand for our chidlren we do not stand for much of anything.

J J  Lewelling, Tx   12/01/09
I appreciated your article and fresh perspective. At the beginning of an airplane flight, the attendent will dutifully instruct everyone adults MUST put the oxygen mask over their own face BEFORE the childs. This is not a selfish act. It is imperative for ensuring the safety of both the child and adult. Likewise, we can not forgo the needs of the adult in the name of the best interest of the child in the hopes the adult can hold their breath long enough to get their own mask on.

Angela , Rhinelander WI   12/01/09
Thank you Micheal for a great article. I have long been concerned about the rights and needs of parents in the whole separating family situation. Not that they trump the child's but they are never really considered at all. I agree with your very important article. Good job.