Comments: The Natural Mediator

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María Marta Neumann, Buenos Aires, Argentina     02/14/03
An invitation to aknowledge our human nature and to accept that integrating our instincts in the practice of mediation and negotiation can be at least an interesting prospect...Worth trying it!

jen , washington DC     01/11/02
I have to disagree that a mediator should be "less concerned about what is right, than with what will work to settle a dispute in the present circumstance. Mediation is not about social justice." Unless all of our roles include awareness of and valuing of sj, there will never be any. To me it's important that there be.

nan , blaine wa   04/21/01
The Natural Mediator
Your article was absolutely a breath of fresh air in the often stale verbage on the net. Thanks

Nancy , Seattle WA   03/15/01
The Natural Mediator
Thought the piece on the Natural Mediator was good. A comment on the Confused topic, I like to consider myself, not so much confused, but having an understanding and valuation of the elements of each side, in equal measure. Thanks for listening.