Comments: Addressing The Imbalance Of Power In Elder Mediation Cases

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Patti Bertschler, Seven Hills OH   05/06/09
Reply to Dan
Dan...thank you for your supportive comments on our article featuring one chapter from our book. Chapter 5, by the way, lists 55 practical marketing ideas to build one's mediation practice. The two you are currently using are excellent approaches already. Please stay in touch via email to let us know how your practice is going.

Dan King Sr, Dublin GA     05/05/09
Article offers balance of power for the mediator.
Wow! John and Patti, thank you for such a powerful blend of theory and practicality. A real treasure of pertinent and useful information. As a mediator just now introducing myself into the eldercare arena in rural central Georgia, this is so helpful--and timely. If readers here have marketing ideas, please share. Presently, I am scheduling free brief in-service sessions for staff in care agencies as I call upon them and get to know them face to face. I also plan to write and leave brief articles on rack-size cards with contact info with those agencies and churches. More ideas?