Comments: Obama The Negotiator: The Strategic Use of Anger

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Wallace Kaufman, Harrisburg OR     03/26/09
Substantive information would help
What is the practical purpose of showing some "pissed offedness"? Obama's inability to take a clear stance and say what he wants from the investment and business community has widened the gap between him and the people who ultimately must provide the economic activity to fund his programs. Let us not project our own politics into this conflict. The gap between Obama and the entrepreneurial community and investors is widening. Some big business names who supported him, are now public critics. A major component of the problem is that the President has failed to make clear to the business community what he will give and what he wants in return.

Gail  , Cardiff by the Sea, CA CA   03/18/09
I agree with you that it is time for Obama to show a good bit of pissed off-ness and I have hoped he would find a way to also jail Bush, Cheney and Rowe. I appreciate how rational and fearless he is, but it is time to do some yelling. Speaking of fearless, he was in Orange County. CA tonight and I drove through the area en route home and worried they would shoot him.

John A.  , Weston MA   03/18/09
Dear Robert: You of all people keep your eye on the sparrow. Don't get distracted from disaster-threatening issues by the pyrotechnics of elected and other officials exploding about a few hundred million dollars. As Senator Dirksen used to say, way back when, "A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon you're talking about real money." Anyway, that's another way to endure these slings, arrows, Ponzi schemes, etc, in addition to your own. It sure is good theater, and we can hope admission is free. Cheers, John