Comments: Private Sector Innovation: An Interview with Wayne Brazil

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steve stanton, ozawkie ks     11/22/11
Oh yea !!!???
With all of Wayne's education and his time in law and teaching and as an author, I betcha he still can't hit a curve ball at Saratoga High.....

Patrick , Brisbane Ql   03/13/09
Its a relief and a pleasant surprise to see a individual thatover a lengthy professional career as a resolution expert retains the optimism of what realistically can be achieved by mediation and lacks the cynicism and self interest that pervades the legal profession. Mediation,like any other dispute resolution process,works well for some individuals some of the time.The task of mediators is to identify those categories. The absence of ego displayed by Wayne,his self awareness and professionalism is of real current and future benefit to the mediation process.

Gini , Santa Fe nm   03/12/09
Debra, bravo to you for persisting with your work, both paid and unpaid. I find Wayne's work inspiring, too. Gini

Debra , Portland OR   03/11/09
Feeling Rejuvenated - Thank you!
I really needed this article. As a litigation paralegal by day, I often feel such absolute frustration (and embarassment) with the waste of resources I'm involved in on a daily basis. I entered the legal field to help others, but I constantly question whether I'm doing that. This article has given me hope to continue to work diligently as a volunteer mediator and to believe in the value of my fledgling small business as a conflict specialist. Thank you!

Gini Nelson, Santa Fe NM     03/11/09
Carrie, thank you for your kind words. I loved the chance to interview Wayne, and honor his work and him immensely. Your own work, by the way, is of equal importance, in my opinion. Best wishes, Gini

Carrie Menkel-Meadow, Los Angeles CA   03/11/09
Thank you
Wayne (whom I was just teaching about this afternoon) and Gini--thank you both for a compelling, wonderful and inspiring interview and statement about our work... all the best to you both, Carrie Menkel-Meadow (back in California at the moment!!)