Comments: Letter To President Obama

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Charles R. Hogge, Jr., Plano TX   03/05/09
Hi Ken, Thank for your respectful reply and clarification. You have set an example for our president and all of us. Peace. Charlie

Ken Cloke, Santa Monica CA   03/05/09
Hi Charlie - Thanks for your comment. The letter was not intended to approve of any particular Obama policies, many of which each of us will disagree with. In fact, it was drafted in response to a number of critiques of the first petition, and though my name is on it, it was written by about 10 people several weeks before the budgetary events you are objecting to. Ultimately, in my view, I believe we need to pressure the administration to expand mediation opportunities while simultaneously learning how to talk about politics without foreclosing dialogue or slipping into aggressive behavior toward each other and open hostilities. Thanks again for your thoughts. Best wishes, Ken

Charles R. Hogge, Jr., Plano TX     03/04/09
Not Letting a Crises Go to Waste
Dear Mr. Cloke: As a professional mediator, I fully support your effort to promote the use of conflict resolution throughout all workings of the federal government. (Let us extend that effort throughout all layers of government.) I take issue, however, with all of your praise for President Obama’s demonstrating those practices in matters domestic. His record there is in sharp contrast to what I have seen so far in the foreign arena where I am favorably impressed. Rather than following normal procedure by drafting his legislation package for stimulating our economy, then presenting it to congress for full and open debate, he stayed in the shadows and allowed the Democratic led Congress, under the domination of Representative Nancy Pelosi, to rush through a bill with not one Republican member of Congress allowed in the deliberating rooms. You call that demonstrating the methods of conflict resolution?! This president, with the collusion of the majority party in congress, has done more in a few short weeks to destroy our country and thrust socialism upon us than all of the world’s tyrants have been able to do throughout our nation’s history. As Senator John McCain recently stated, our government is guilty of generational theft! With the baby boomer generation reaching retirement age and the percentage of the population available to carry the tax load shrinking, how many generations will it take to get our country out of debt? I see not one sign that this administration is interested in anything but “not letting a crises go to waste” as the president’s chief of staff so revealingly observed. So, yes, by all means, let us be peacemakers. But while we are being as innocent as lambs, let us be as wise as serpents. Sincerely, Charlie Hogge

John , Chicago IL   03/03/09
is this going to get to President Obama
Is anybody working to get this petition, this letter, to Obama's attention? As Marshall B. Rosemberg, founder of Nonviolent Communication, says, access is an important element in social change work. Whether you get it by putting a thousand demonstrators out on the sidewalk or through friends of friends, or both. We need direct access to Obama for this. Is anybody working on this? John Cabral Chicago