Comments: A Perfect Storm is Gathering

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Loraine Love , Jayne Dyer CA   04/30/09
Bradley Pratt

Vicky Frye , Jerry Green CA   04/30/09
Matthew Molina

Pascal da Rocha, Brooklyn NY   02/19/09
Contracts - re-visited
It's always good to feel that one's profession is the perfect need for a current marked development. However, unlike many of these articles trusting that the changes will bring more comprehension to the field of ADR, I have the tendency to believe that there will be a focus on risk management and the validity of contracts. All those named stakeholders will be re-inventing their ability to draft and read contracts, shaped by the 8 choreographers named in this article. Hence, the already active mediator has to reach out even more towards the counsels. More control and the calls for transparency will initiate a revival of the contract-fit attorney.