Comments: It’s Not Funny, McGee!

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Jim W Hildreth, Sonora CA     02/13/09
I could not agree more, that humor can often soften the moment, laughter as they say may be the best medicine and I have seen multiple times where humor does play a role in making the stressfull time less hostile and often its a breath of fresh air.

Bill Withers   01/30/09
Thanks, also, for reminding us of Fibber!

Susan  Harrity, Northampton MA   01/29/09
laughter can be the best medicine
Thanks for the reminder not to take life or the conflict too seriously. This is a great reminder that sometimes the parties look to us to break the tension after they have said what needed to be said. Also some mediators internalize the conflict and "feel their pain" which can be a good thing in the moment, however, not good for the mediator's long term health.