Comments: Cloaked Negotiation: Necessary Back-Channel, Under the Table and Surreptitious Strategies and Techniques to Make Deals Work

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Jeffrey Krivis   02/02/09
Well done Robert. This article goes to the core of difficult negotiations and confirms that negotiators at the highest levels of our society use lots of tricks and deception to get a larger piece of the pie. As mediators, understanding and identifying those tricks is the first stage in getting cases settled.

Mark Soboslai, Westport CT     01/22/09
Benjamin On "Cloaked Negotiation Strategies"
One thing I like about Benjamin is his "tell-it-like-it-is" approach to the otherwise squeaky-clean, academic approaches of the academic "experts." He's a guy who has gotten his hands dirty. He's seen the ugly insides of real folks in nasty, dirty, crappy conflict. My guess is that he's seen quite a few of them in fact. His comment reminded me of a conference call I participated in with a speaker who was advocating against caucuses in Mediation. I thought (and said at the time): "What about the value of allowing the "losing" or "paying" party to "save face" by "giving in" in private? Nobody on that call seemed to get it. Benjamin gets it.

Patrick  , Brisbane Qu   01/21/09
Great article. At last the reality of commercial,legal and political negotiation as opposed to the fantasy world of the academics pushing their cliche "win-win "solutions coupled wih a rational and rule based approach to the process. I will be distributing this article to all my negotiation classes as mandatory prereading-its brevity and points are worth a thousand turgid texts.