Comments: Congregation Conflict Resolution: The Member’s Role

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yolanda mccall, Dallas TX   06/04/09
I Wish
I wish I would have read your article years ago when my dad was dealing with the split of his church. I saw his pain and anger when his congregation was in an uproar. I wondered who mediated their dispute, where was God in this? and did everyone forget their roles. Your article was an eye opener for me and now taking classes in mediation, I am now thinking about mediating for churches. I just don't want other ministers-pastors have to go through what my dad went through. Thanks for your articles and keep up the good works. God Bless, yolanda mccall.

George Anderson, Los Angeles CA     12/31/08
Congregation Conflict Resultion
Should conflict resolution fails, it is worth considering referring whichever client is motivited to change to an anger management course or coaching. Anger management is designed to teach skills in communication, stress management, self-control and emotional intelligence.

aida  , Hartford CT   12/16/08
Good Advice. For many years ministries and its leaders were naive about potentially conflictive and sometimes, litigious situations. Thank God for using willing vessels to impart knowledge and revelation. Bless You!

Brent , Owings Mills Md   12/03/08
Congregation Conflict Resolution
Excellent suggestions for conflict resolution. We must also remember to go to one another in love, not accusingly, or with negative attitudes. One of the worst ways to solve a conflict and also escalate it, is to confront someone with a wrong or closed heart. When we go, we must first pray and ask God to show us the right way to approach, and to help us remain calm. Thank you Attorney Adams for letting God use your penmanship.