Comments: KISS Mediators Rock ABA Conference: Why Would Three Self-Respecting Professional Mediators Play Dress-Up?

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Chris , Albuquerque NM     11/25/08
I completley agree with the heavy handed mediation you speak of. I have been trying to show other mediators in my area that the touchy feel good "how does that make you feel" approach does not work in most cases. I tell mediators that I am a closer. I am more of a sales person selling people on the idea of resolution. I am very active in the process and if I was just there to listen I would only be an added spoke to an already spinning wheel. I am an ADR Civil Rights Mediator and deal with complex discrimination cases that are headed for litigation usually with both parties represented by an attorney or several attorneys. I thought until reading your article I was venturing off on my own ideas of mediation. I am glad to see that is not the case.